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Health plans can be customized based on your goals of wellness and your financial ability. I always prefer to send you to a Lab for a blood draw to see where imbalances are and then perform a BodyScan to create a customized nutrition plan for you that lasts approximately 3-4 months. However, there are many options that can be customized to your financial ability.

An initial conversation on the phone for 15-20 minutes is free.

A full body complete wellness blood profile cost is $282, this includes all body systems and 9 tests of thyroid, Vitamin D, all 5 liver enzymes not just 3 and a digestive marker.

A 2 to 3 hour initial consult appointment is $250. This appointment includes getting a complete history, Chinese face & tongue analysis, some baseline testing on the BodyScan biofeedback device of needed supplements based on blood work and balancing of your existing supplements, a customized diet plan and the results of your blood draw. We will set a course of action from the information received. $195 if long distance, does not include BodyScan Biofeedback.

If the above is too expensive for you, I will review any blood work from your primary care physician for $75 and if you want recommendation based on that blood work, cost would be $100.

Regular Office Visit, $175 which includes recommendations based on a balancing procedure with the BodyScan Biofeedback Device. This can be paid in 2 payments if needed.

Hold a Home Health Class and receive a Free BodyScan. Invite 5 or more people into your home with refreshments and allow me to speak on health issues for 1 hour and at least one of your guests to hold a home health class of their own and receive a free Bodyscan. (Must be in the Denver Metro Area).

Other available services:

Live Blood Analysis via DarkField Microscope $125
Urine Analysis $185
Lab Blood Draw, Complete Wellness Panel $282
Hormone Saliva Tests:  
Adrenal Stress Index $250
Post menopause panel $230
Cycling Female Hormone panel $425
Male Hormone panel $240
Bone health panel $250
Stool Microorganism $425
IgG/IgAimmune Sensitivity/Allergy = 180 Foods $680
Hair Mineral Analysis $195

* prices subject to change from labs.

BodyScan* Reports and Consult on Findings* ………. $195
Includes a detailed printout. * Via Hair Sample for those that are long distance

Full BodyScan including Point Testing and Supplemental Protocol ………. $250
Includes 1 Support Remedy, Report printout with documentation specific to your body’s imbalances. A list of supplements utilized in the balancing session. Does not include the cost of supplements needed in the balancing procedure. Works well for animals also, via a hair sample or those who are long distance.

BodyScan Re-balance (Returning Customers) ………. $175
Includes a rebalance of protocol via point testing (EAV or Electronic Acupuncture according to Voll) on BodyScan. Returning customers that have completed a full BodyScan before can rescan whole body for an additional $25.

Additional Product BodyScan testing ………. $4/per 1 product
Maximum 6 products or Full Balance above required.

JMT Technique ………. $80 Each
The Jaffe-Mellor Technique is a new revolutionary drug-free Bioenergetics system for the resolution of allergies, arthritis, auto-immune and complex disorders.

BRT Technique ………. $80 Each
The Body Restoration Technique, a method of bringing the hormone system into balance naturally. Sluggish thyroid, adrenal, cholesterol, digestive, stubborn weight loss, heart, prostate, blood sugar, menopause protocols.

Q2, B.E.F.E. (Water Energy Treatment) ………. $1 a minute
Bioelectric Field Enhancement Unit or Ionic Foot Bath. Detoxification process with Feet in water for 35 minutes minimum and 50 minutes maximum.

Reiki, Universal Life Force Energy: ………. $80
Includes a 45-minute full body healing session with a spinal healing, Includes Auricular Aromatherapy also. Can also be a Reiki Sending for those who are long distance.

Allergy Elimination ………. $90
Allergic reactions to Toxic food may be the cause for disorders like asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, digestive disorders and more. We have had excellent success with eliminating the allergic reaction in the body.

Flex Savings Plans
Save up to 20% off labs and services by paying an upfront sum. Also available are payment plans.


Initial Consult (New Client) $150
1-Complete Wellness Blood Draw $282
1-Adrenal Stress Index Saliva Test $250
1-BodyScan and Customized Nutritional Balance $350
3-45 minute follow-up appointments, 1 each month $375
3-E-mails and/or phone calls $100
1-Followup Complete Wellness Blood Draw $282
1-Followup Adrenal Stress Index Saliva Test $250
1-BodyScan Follow-up in 3 months $250
TOTAL $2289
PRICE PER MONTH for 3 months, longer is available if needed $649 + Supplements
(We accept Visa, MC and American Express)
$440 + 100 off initial consult for a total SAVINGS of $540

Regenerative Medicine

Biological Allograft: Mesenchymal cells with Stem Cells $3600 per cc, 2nd cc and more is    $2300 Will be injected in IV and in Brown Fat.  Recommended is 2 cc.

Ozone Therapy

Subcutaneous Injections:

  • Adrenals: $75
  • Back or Neck: $250

Joint Injections:

  • Joints:$400, 2nd joint is $200
  • Wrists $150
  • Fingers: $200

Nasal or Ear Insufflation (Filtered through Olive Oil)

  • Intra-nasal $115
  • Ear $115

Rectal or Vaginal

    $195 (Rectal Requires an enema to be performed at home prior to your appointment)

Major Auto-Hemotherapy (MAH) 

     (A Blood test Through LabCorp for Glucose- 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase at a cost of $140.40 is required prior to MAH

After The completion of the above test with normal results then the Fee for MAH $280 for 240 Milliliters and $180 or 120 Milliliters

Prolozone Joint Therapy


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