Processes & Fees

The Process and Fees: An initial conversation on the phone for 15-20 minutes is free.

1st. We send you to LabCorp for a Complete Wellness Blood Profile. This includes all systems of the body, All 5 liver enzymes not just 3, 9 tests of Thyroid, Vitamin D and a Digestive Marker called Gastrin. Cost is $282, paid upfront. (Once a requisite form has been generated, there are no refunds.)

2nd. You come in for a 3 hour initial consult appointment. This appointment includes getting a complete history, Chinese face & tongue analysis, we will go over the blood work, line by line, letting you know what it all means. Then we utilize the BodyScan Biofeedback device to create a supplemental protocol to correct the imbalances found in the blood work. Cost is $250 plus any supplements. We do try to balance around the supplements you currently have, if they balance well.

3rd. Follow-up visits depend on the severity of the imbalances in the blood but usually we do a rebalance in 3 months. Eventually you will end up on a maintenance schedule of every 6 months, then 1 time a year. Other services and Labs:

Live Blood Analysis via DarkField Microscope $125
Urine Analysis $185
Lab Blood Draw, Complete Wellness Panel $282
Hormone Saliva Tests:  
Adrenal Stress Index $250
Post menopause panel $230
Cycling Female Hormone panel $425
Male Hormone panel $240
Bone health panel $250
Stool Microorganism $425
IgG/IgAimmune Sensitivity/Allergy = 180 Foods $680
Hair Mineral Analysis $175
First Time BodyScan Inc. EAV Balancing $350
BodyScan EAV Balancing $175
Review of blood work from your primary care $75
Review of Labs with Recommendations $100
BRT/JMT Body Reset Techinques $80
Allerygy Elimination Technique $90
Q2 Ionic Footback $1 a minute $35
Reiki Energy Treatment $80

* prices subject to change from labs.

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