Processes & Fees

Health plans can be customized based on your goals of wellness and your financial ability. I always prefer to send you to a Lab for a blood draw to see where imbalances are and then perform a BodyScan to create a customized nutrition plan for you that lasts approximately 3-4 months. However, there are many options that can be customized to your financial ability.

  1. An initial conversation on the phone for 15-20 minutes is free.
  2. A full body complete wellness blood profile cost is $282, this includes all body systems and 9 tests of thyroid, Vitamin D, and a digestive marker.
  3. A two-three hour initial consult appointment is $250. This appointment includes getting a complete history, Chinese face & tongue analysis, some baseline testing on the BodyScan biofeedback device of needed supplements based on blood work and balancing of your existing supplements, a customized diet plan and the results of your blood draw. We will set a course of action from the information received.
  4. If the above is too expensive for you, I will review any blood work from your primary care physician for $75 and if you want recommendations based on that blood work, cost would be $100.
  5. Regular Office Visit, $175 which includes recommendations based on a balancing procedure with the BodyScan Biofeedback Device. This can be paid in 2 payments if needed.
  6. Hold a Home Health Class and receive a Free BodyScan. Invite 5 or more people into your home with refreshments and allow me to speak on health issues for 1 hour and at least one of your guests to hold a home health class of their own and receive a free Bodyscan. (Must be in the Denver Metro Area).
  7. Other available services;
    • Live Blood Analysis via DarkField Microscope – $125
    • Urine Analysis – $185
    • Lab Blood Draw, Complete Wellness Panel – $282
    • Hormone Saliva Tests;
      • Adrenal Stress Index – $250
      • Post menopause panel – $230
      • Cycling Female Hormone panel – $425
      • Male Hormone panel – $240
      • Bone health panel – $250
      • Stool Microorganism – $425
    • IgG/IgA Immune Sensitivity/Allergy = 180 Foods – $680
    • Hair Mineral Analysis – $175

*prices subject to change from labs.

BodyScan* Reports and Consult on Findings* – $150 I
ncludes a detailed printout.
*Via Hair Sample for those that are long distance

Full BodyScan Balance including Supplemental Protocol
(additional to Scan, for first time clients only)  – $200
Includes 1 Support Remedy, printout with documentation specific to your body’s imbalances. A list of supplements utilized in the balancing session. Does not include the cost of supplements needed in the balancing procedure. Works well for animals also, via a hair sample or those who are long distance. Senior Discount of 10% is available.

BodyScan Re-balance (Returning Customers) – $250 (first time client is $350)
Includes BodyScan and full Balance. Customized Support Remedy included.

Additional Product BodyScan testing  – $4/per 1 product
Maximum 6 products or Full Balance above required.

JMT Technique – $80 Each
The Jaffe-Mellor Technique is a new revolutionary drug-free Bioenergetics system for the resolution of allergies, arthritis, auto-immune and complex disorders.

BRT Technique – $80 Each
The Body Restoration Technique, a method of bringing the hormone system into balance naturally. Sluggish thyroid, adrenal, cholesterol, digestive, stubborn weight loss, heart, prostate, blood sugar, menopause protocols.

Q2, B.E.F.E. (Water Energy Treatment) – $1 a minute
Bioelectric Field Enhancement Unit or Ionic Foot Bath. Detoxification process with Feet in water for 35 minutes minimum and 50 minutes maximum.

Reiki, Universal Life Force Energy  – $80
Includes a 45-minute full body healing session with a spinal healing, Includes Auricular Aromatherapy also. Can also be a Reiki Sending for those who are long distance.

Allergy Elimination – $90
Allergic reactions to Toxic food may be the cause for disorders like asthma, chronic fatigue s syndrome, Fibromyalgia, digestive disorders and more. We have had excellent success with eliminating the allergic reaction in the body.

Flex Savings Plans Save up to 20% off labs and services by paying an upfront sum. Also available are payment plans. Example:

3-Month Program-(current client)

Initial Consult (New Client) $150
1-Complete Wellness Blood Draw 282
1-Adrenal Stress Index Saliva Test 250
1-BodyScan and Customized Nutritional Balance 350
3-45 minute follow-up appointments, 1 each month 375
3-E-mails and/or phone calls 100
1-Followup Complete Wellness Blood Draw 282
1-Followup Adrenal Stress Index Saliva Test 250
1-BodyScan Follow-up in 3 months 250
TOTAL $2289
PRICE PER MONTH $649 + Supplements
(We accept Visa, MC and American Express)
$440 + 100 off initial consult for a total SAVINGS of $540

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